Friday, November 20, 2009

ULTIMATUM: Loose the greifer or loose the infonode

NCI rents land adjacent to the Ross Infohub from Prok. This has been a long standing relationship. BUT with Immy using her affiliation with NCI to continue to go to Ross and harass Prok - that arrangement is now in serious jeopardy. Here is Prok's open letter to NCI regarding their continued lease in Ross sim:

Dear Tateru,

I'm making this an open letter so that you'll be sure to see it and not say messages capped and so that it can be widely and openly discussed in and out of NCI.

I understand you have taken over the leadership of NCI, a once-respected organization which no longer has my respect.

Unless you immediate instruct your volunteer employee Imnotgoing Sideways to 1) leave the known and documented griefing group Woodbury University and sever all ties with it if he is to remain in NCI and 2) cease coming to the Ross infohub and surrounding areas, both of which are actions taken so as to grief and harass me and others and for no other reason, your rentals will be terminated and your prims returned.