Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Carl Metropolitan makes a statement about being run out of NCI - the Woodbury University griefers using NCI to recruit now and why he won't be going back.

Nov 16, 2009
"I just wanted to point out NCI isn't dead. I'm just not involved. I hope that NCI can continue to do what it does best--helping people. I've done everything I can to ensure a smooth transition (twice), and I've tried to refrain from public drama over the my departure from the organization.

NCI has gone through a lot of changes over the past three months--including changing Executive Directors twice and changing Finance Directors twice. The current Executive Director is Tateru Nino, who has come out of retirement to run the organization. NCI's reputation did take a hit when I was forced out, and I think Tateru will do a lot to rebuild that reputation. I have complete confidence in Tateru's commitment to NCI's mission, management skills, and knowledge of the organization. I've volunteered to do an independent audit of NCI's finances for Tateru later this month, but beyond that my involvement in NCI is limited to providing advice and answering questions.

The issue of infiltration by Woodbury (and related groups) is something the new management will have to address. This is a problem, and I do have direct knowledge that members of Woodbury are using NCI to recruit from. I am confident that ultimately something like my policy barring members of griefer and/or hate groups from being NCI Helpers or Officers will be implemented. I just hope it is implemented sooner than later, and before too much more damage is done.

I've had several people ask me why NCI did not ask me to come back when the interim Executive Director, Gramma Fiddlesticks, resigned after two months for health reasons. The answer is simple. If I were to come back, I'd immediately reimplement my "No Griefer/Hate Group Officers or Helpers" policy, and half the staff would resign again. I think everyone involved is aware of that.

Personally, I'm pretty busy with Caledon Oxbridge now. I think we have one of the two best Community Gateways in Second Life there. Over the past two months, I've updated all the orientation tutorial posters, built a sandbox and stocked it with nearly two dozen self-paced tutorials (with more to come), and organized a set of classes on Second Life basics that are starting this week. We have a first rate group of volunteer helpers, including Oxbridge Deans (Fogwoman Gray, Martini Discovolante, and Marion Questi) a group of excellent teachers (Balder Badger, Vanessa Hamer, Deyanira Yalin, ZenMondo Wormser, Zsophia Innovia, Anna Darwinian, Trinity Coulter, and LillieJay Mills), and the enthusiastic support of Desmond Shang and the Caledon Community. We have plans to add more classes over the next few months, as well as some events, topping out at about three classes/events per day (about 1/3rd the size of NCI), including classes scheduled at European-friendly times.

Finally on this issue of of Imnotgoing Sideways that you posted on: all I can say is I can no longer trust her. I know she lied to myself and Desmond in the run-up to my exit from NCI. I believe that she manipulated the situation to maximize her place at the center of the drama. My issues with her have little to do with her avatar (though I am uncomfortable with some of the images and comments I've seen), but boil down to my disappointment with what appears to me to be a fundamental lack of integrity."