Friday, November 13, 2009

And Then There Were None: Bailing from greifer run NCI

This passage from the NCI Blog. The lack of good management since Carl was forced out is taking it's toll on the Woodbury grifer run shambles of NCI.

Well here I am again, coffee in one hand and pop tart in the other trying to figure out how to type. I am just a bit worried as to how things are going in our great little group. With some of the talk that I hear on the info channel, the lack of people at the newbie get togethers and the continual change of command at the top. That worry my friends is the simple thought of:

“Then There Were None”

Before I get into anything, these are only my opinion’s.

As for the INFO channel,

Please let us keep it to INFO, we have a spam channel for when the conversation becomes more than that. There are those of us newbie’s, not so newbie’s, and maybe a few oldbie’s that listen in just to see if we can LEARN anything.

The continual change of command at the top,

Well there is not anything we can do about that, it just looks bad.

The lack of people at the newbie get together’s, (ie.) show and tell, blitz builds.

This may in fact be to the lack of NEWBIE’S seeing as how we are all aging and slowly becoming oldbie’s. Will this become the OCI instead of the NCI?

I know there is a limit on how many people can be in a group, so at what point do we give way for the NEW NEWBIE”S to have a place in our ranks?

Or does “Then There Was None” become a reality?

Take Care, have Fun, and Be Safe.

Jims Fire.