Saturday, January 30, 2010

Imnotagirl Sideways: A snapshot of bizarre behavior

Imnotgoing Sideways - the computer virus that orchestrated the negative changes that occurred within NCI - keeps his track record going by continuing forum nonsense. Here is a snapshot of this passive agressive.

Imnotagirl Sideways being a pain in the ass on as many forums as he can. When suggested he cut the nonsense he just acts like he cannot understand what is going on.

Lias Immy and I have been having a slap fight in the SL Forums - and I need to explain somethings to him about that.

I posted in SLUniverse about that soldier caught with kiddie porn

Lias: Looks like a superior had a knee-jerk reaction to the images, the soldier may have refused to delete them and after the family involved the media it is now some international incident. The Armed Forces are not known for publicly admitting wrong. This guy may be screwed.

and you posted right after me:

Imnotgoing Sideways:
Ah. There it is. Any productive discussion on this topic is officially over. (^_^)y
Troll on. =^-^=

You fuck with me in the forums and you get fucked with also, asshole. Remember that when you start whining someone is harassing you.
You stupid fucking idiot.

Imnotgoing Sideways: You're cute when you're angry. =^-^=

Why always popcorn? No nachos? Ain't anybody into spicy goo anymore? (O.o)


Lias Leandros: Given the opportunity to get the negative attention you seek you start babbling about popcorn and nachos. You trolled me at SLU to get my attention.

You cannot claim someone is bothering you when you make posts like the one you made in SLU and keep that person's name in your signature line here.

Stop being a bothersome litle passive agressive parasite bottom feeder. Get off the nachos, stand up like a man and state what your problem is.

Imnotgoing Sideways: You're the one with the problems. I suggest you find a healthy way to deal with them... or better pills. (^_^)y

Lias: Well, I gave you a chance to speak up and stop lurching behind me with passive agressive nonsense.

Imnotgoing Sideways: Why? (^_^)


Lias:Because you need to address issues like an adult and stop using your avatar persona to garner more negative attention. Address your issues like the adult you claim to be.

You want to hide behind your coy young lady avatar so you can continue to pretend you are just too cute and innocent to be called out for bad behaviour. Your avatar is becoming your crutch.

If you want to keep it on this 'cheap shot' level then that is your choice. But you cannot pretend you are the unwanting victim from this point forward.

Keep making your douchebag remarks toward my posts (like this one)
Imnotgoing Sideways:Oh, I'm sure if we briefly mention it anywhere Boatload of Crazy will spread the topic out to the entire blogosphere/fora in a matter of seconds. It's like hiring Tom Cruise's PR consultant for free. (^_^)y

and you get it right back. Responding to your bullshit does not make you a victim. You can continue your vendetta or drop it now.

Imnotgoing Sideways: You seem to claim to be actually capable of doing something. I see no reason to believe it. Please, name someone who believes your BS or find better things to do. (^_^)

You're cute when you're angry. (^_^)y


Imnotgoing Sideways:I ask nobody to like me. In fact, I've challenged this whole forum to include me on their ignore list just to see if it's possible. (^_^)

Either way, meh. (=_=)

I just had a ton of fun inworld and I'm quite pleased, happy, and fulfilled with my day. That said; bed time! =^-^=


Imnotgoing Sideways: Oh... And, good job on the derail. What was this thread about again? =^-^=


Imnotgoing Sideways: Oh... And, good job on the derail. What was this thread about again? =^-^=


Lias:It's about a full grown man that pretends he is a young, scantily clad girl in Second Life and his Real Life associates being very concerned. Seems we are still on topic.

Should be a good movie.


Lias: We had a bland exchange in the primsavers thread. That was because you did not make any smart ass remarks toward me (at first). Then you posted later and referred to me as crazy for absolutely no reason. You did the same in the SLU forums when you called me a troll. You just have to stop doing that. You need to find someone else to latch onto. I am not the one.

Imnotgoing Sideways: YouTube- Patsy Cline - Crazy =^-^=