Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Immy decides to hide all of her groups

November 24th, 2009

[QUOTE=Imnotgoing Sideways]Oh... And you're not paying attention. I hide all my groups now. =^-^=[/QUOTE]And if you would have agreed to do this in August instead of bitching about it all over the internet none of this would have occurred.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

NCI/WU kicked out of two Infohubs by landowner Prok

Prok states in his blog:

My ultimatum to NCI is in keeping with the lease terms that require that tenants be considerate to neighbours and not violate the TOS.

The Woodbury University group is filled with people who have repeatedly violated the TOS with prim littering, spamming, racism, obscenity, stalking, harassment, etc. Dozens of them actively doing this constantly, daily. If NCI has a member of its staff who also participates in this group, and not only passively but actively appearing during griefing raids and actively harassing from stalking and playing "under-the-radar" griefing games, then NCI can't be allowed to be a tenant.

I don't allow Woodbury or Emerald Users and Coders group members to rent from me as is known because *their officers repeatedly grief me*. This isn't some sort of "discrimination"; it's a normal policy not to tolerate griefing of me and my tenants, first and foremost.

NCI with the Imnotoing debacle is a magnet for griefing, not a helper of newbies and I see no reason why it has to be on my property.

Whatever Carl's reasoning on the notion of "NCI not giving in to ultimatums," the point is, a consumer boycott and a merchants' boycott of NCI is in order until it changes its policies, just like consumer boycotts of, oh, Wal-marts are done in RL.

NCI goes on my no-rent list; it comes off my recommendations lists for newbies. Only consumer action works in SL given there aren't courts and the ability to mount suits for protective orders or torts.


Friday, November 20, 2009

ULTIMATUM: Loose the greifer or loose the infonode

NCI rents land adjacent to the Ross Infohub from Prok. This has been a long standing relationship. BUT with Immy using her affiliation with NCI to continue to go to Ross and harass Prok - that arrangement is now in serious jeopardy. Here is Prok's open letter to NCI regarding their continued lease in Ross sim:

Dear Tateru,

I'm making this an open letter so that you'll be sure to see it and not say messages capped and so that it can be widely and openly discussed in and out of NCI.

I understand you have taken over the leadership of NCI, a once-respected organization which no longer has my respect.

Unless you immediate instruct your volunteer employee Imnotgoing Sideways to 1) leave the known and documented griefing group Woodbury University and sever all ties with it if he is to remain in NCI and 2) cease coming to the Ross infohub and surrounding areas, both of which are actions taken so as to grief and harass me and others and for no other reason, your rentals will be terminated and your prims returned.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Carl Metropolitan makes a statement about being run out of NCI - the Woodbury University griefers using NCI to recruit now and why he won't be going back.

Nov 16, 2009
"I just wanted to point out NCI isn't dead. I'm just not involved. I hope that NCI can continue to do what it does best--helping people. I've done everything I can to ensure a smooth transition (twice), and I've tried to refrain from public drama over the my departure from the organization.

NCI has gone through a lot of changes over the past three months--including changing Executive Directors twice and changing Finance Directors twice. The current Executive Director is Tateru Nino, who has come out of retirement to run the organization. NCI's reputation did take a hit when I was forced out, and I think Tateru will do a lot to rebuild that reputation. I have complete confidence in Tateru's commitment to NCI's mission, management skills, and knowledge of the organization. I've volunteered to do an independent audit of NCI's finances for Tateru later this month, but beyond that my involvement in NCI is limited to providing advice and answering questions.

The issue of infiltration by Woodbury (and related groups) is something the new management will have to address. This is a problem, and I do have direct knowledge that members of Woodbury are using NCI to recruit from. I am confident that ultimately something like my policy barring members of griefer and/or hate groups from being NCI Helpers or Officers will be implemented. I just hope it is implemented sooner than later, and before too much more damage is done.

I've had several people ask me why NCI did not ask me to come back when the interim Executive Director, Gramma Fiddlesticks, resigned after two months for health reasons. The answer is simple. If I were to come back, I'd immediately reimplement my "No Griefer/Hate Group Officers or Helpers" policy, and half the staff would resign again. I think everyone involved is aware of that.

Personally, I'm pretty busy with Caledon Oxbridge now. I think we have one of the two best Community Gateways in Second Life there. Over the past two months, I've updated all the orientation tutorial posters, built a sandbox and stocked it with nearly two dozen self-paced tutorials (with more to come), and organized a set of classes on Second Life basics that are starting this week. We have a first rate group of volunteer helpers, including Oxbridge Deans (Fogwoman Gray, Martini Discovolante, and Marion Questi) a group of excellent teachers (Balder Badger, Vanessa Hamer, Deyanira Yalin, ZenMondo Wormser, Zsophia Innovia, Anna Darwinian, Trinity Coulter, and LillieJay Mills), and the enthusiastic support of Desmond Shang and the Caledon Community. We have plans to add more classes over the next few months, as well as some events, topping out at about three classes/events per day (about 1/3rd the size of NCI), including classes scheduled at European-friendly times.

Finally on this issue of of Imnotgoing Sideways that you posted on: all I can say is I can no longer trust her. I know she lied to myself and Desmond in the run-up to my exit from NCI. I believe that she manipulated the situation to maximize her place at the center of the drama. My issues with her have little to do with her avatar (though I am uncomfortable with some of the images and comments I've seen), but boil down to my disappointment with what appears to me to be a fundamental lack of integrity."

Friday, November 13, 2009

And Then There Were None: Bailing from greifer run NCI

This passage from the NCI Blog. The lack of good management since Carl was forced out is taking it's toll on the Woodbury grifer run shambles of NCI.

Well here I am again, coffee in one hand and pop tart in the other trying to figure out how to type. I am just a bit worried as to how things are going in our great little group. With some of the talk that I hear on the info channel, the lack of people at the newbie get togethers and the continual change of command at the top. That worry my friends is the simple thought of:

“Then There Were None”

Before I get into anything, these are only my opinion’s.

As for the INFO channel,

Please let us keep it to INFO, we have a spam channel for when the conversation becomes more than that. There are those of us newbie’s, not so newbie’s, and maybe a few oldbie’s that listen in just to see if we can LEARN anything.

The continual change of command at the top,

Well there is not anything we can do about that, it just looks bad.

The lack of people at the newbie get together’s, (ie.) show and tell, blitz builds.

This may in fact be to the lack of NEWBIE’S seeing as how we are all aging and slowly becoming oldbie’s. Will this become the OCI instead of the NCI?

I know there is a limit on how many people can be in a group, so at what point do we give way for the NEW NEWBIE”S to have a place in our ranks?

Or does “Then There Was None” become a reality?

Take Care, have Fun, and Be Safe.

Jims Fire.

Unbelievable - Immy goes back for more Prok

So some months later here we are. This all started when Prok banned Immy from parcels around the Ross Infohub. Immy then set out on a campaign to get what he wanted. His trail of destruction is legendary. BUT now he goes right back to the parcels he is banned from - finds a spot or two he can enter - and then complains that Prok is bothering him! NCI owns parcels all over the grid - he can go 'help' elsewhere - but he has the uncontrollable need to crawl up prok's ass and then claim persecution.

Below is the chatlog Immy published in her blog concerning this matter. He actually thinks this supports his claim Prok is harassing him.

[08:38 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Prokofy Neva (17m)
[08:38 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Easy way to get for it... Use the search bar at the top of your inventory... Put in the word "(Worn)" with the parenthesis. (^_^)
[08:38 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That way, you'll locate any items you have on your avatar. (^_^)
[08:38 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Ah.. There goes the green shirt... that may have been the one you wanted. (^_^)
[08:39 PM] M C : hmmm
[08:39 PM] M C : soo uhhh....where u from?
[08:39 PM] M C : lol
[08:39 PM] M C : joking
[08:39 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Heh. (^_^)
[08:40 PM] M C : i cant find it
[08:40 PM] M C : the shirt to take it off
[08:40 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmm... I think it should have moved a copy from the Library to your main inventory. (O.o)
[08:40 PM] M C : the one you see right now?
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Yeah.. You're back in the gray shirt. (^_^)
[08:41 PM] M C : yeah
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Now.. Look into your "My Inventory >> Clothing" and see if you have a new shirt in there. (^_^)
[08:41 PM] M C : im trying to go shirtless for a second so i can put on a different one
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways eeps. (o.o)
[08:41 PM] M C : i have one extra shirt
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Okay.. Put that one on. (^_^)
[08:42 PM] M C : it doesnt shoe me
[08:42 PM] M C : show*
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmm... (=_=)
[08:42 PM] M C : it is under the grey one
[08:42 PM] Oh Snap! -- Picture Cork Board (Wall Edition) whispers: Board has been cleared and reset by owner request.
[08:42 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: (Owner: Prokofy Neva) [Obj. Name: Oh Snap! -- Picture Cork Board (Wall Edition)]: Board has been cleared and reset by owner request.
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Aha.. Okay. (^_^)
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: You should be able to right click it and select "wear". (^_^)
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Konnichiwa (^_^)
[08:43 PM] Desmond Shang is Online
[08:43 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Murmini Writer (19m)
[08:43 PM] M C : yeah
[08:43 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: After that, you should be able to right click the old shirt and select "Take Off". (^_^)
[08:43 PM] M C : i seen something happen but i cant find the other shirt to take off
[08:44 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: There is a search bar on the top of your inventory window... If you enter "(Worn" in there, it'll find the items you have on. (^_^)
[08:44 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: It acts like a filter. (^_^)
[08:44 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: The parenthesis is important, though. (^_^)
[08:44 PM] M C : yeah i just tried that and it only showsas one shirt on
[08:44 PM] M C : shows*
[08:45 PM] M C : i remove it and it still is on
[08:45 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Right.. That's the one you're wearing... Odds are, you haven't worn the other shirt yet. (^_^)
[08:45 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmmm. Lag? (O.o)
[08:45 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Maybe lag.... if you've done it already... Second Life™ can be wonky sometimes. (>_<)
[08:46 PM] M C : did you get my friend request?
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Adventures in Inventory... They sure didn't make it easy, did they? (T_T)
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmm.. I didn't... Odd... Lemmee. (^_^)
[08:47 PM] M C : no they didnt
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Did that get through? (^_^)
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Aha! Xd
[08:47 PM] M C : yeap
[08:47 PM] M C : so can i ask ur age?
[08:47 PM] M C : im 24
[08:48 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Yet another thing I don't tell. =^-^=
[08:48 PM] M C : thought so
[08:48 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: I'm silly that way. (^_^)
[08:48 PM] M C : thats respectable
[08:48 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Heh.. Probably. (^_^)
[08:48 PM] Prokofy Neva: Imnotgoing Sideways is playing a creepy child avatar. She's actually been banned from this entire area but it's not possible to ban from this public place so I'll just try an abuse report for the child get up with the BDSM collar.
[08:49 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Naw... This is my adult avatar. (^_^)
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: Likely the Lindens will say this is politically correct, but it's worth publicizing as ugly and annoying anyway.
[08:49 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Annjella Allen (15m)
[08:49 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Robot, actually. (^_^)
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: yeah, one would hate to see the child avatars she's got if she thinks this is her adult avatar
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: read her creepy profile, ugh
[08:49 PM] M C : you got banned?
[08:49 PM] Mercyblu Moorsider is Online
[08:49 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Naw... Never been banned. (^_^)
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: Banned from these surrounding parcels, yes BANNED because she disrupts events with a griefing group
[08:50 PM] Prokofy Neva: this is a known quantity that is always pretending to be what it is not
[08:50 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Well.. Yeah... I can't get into the mall parcels. (=_=)
[08:50 PM] Prokofy Neva: so you keep trying to publicize it, eventually she gets tripped up
[08:50 PM] M C : hostility?
[08:50 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: brinda Allen (15m)
[08:50 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That's the thing... I really don't do that stuff. But, no need arguing it here. (=_=)
[08:51 PM] M C : im lost anyway
[08:51 PM] brinda Allen: hi Prok
[08:51 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That's another facet of SL... Drama... People feed off of it in anonymous virtual envrironments. (=_=)
[08:52 PM] brinda Allen: No notes on the board
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: it's not about drama, it's about declaring creepy little ageplay kids as creepy and annoying and asking them to leave and go on their own considerable number of sims rather than deliberately coming here to harass and annoy
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: we all see what IMG is up to, it's an old story
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: pretend innocence, fly around in creepy child avatars, say "But the Lindens let me" blah blah blah, creep creepy stuff
[08:52 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: M Z (15m)
[08:52 PM] brinda Allen: ah...Ok i think ill go
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: well the Woodbury goons leave up annoying notices brinda so I take them doine, it's suppoesd to be open to the public not their personal playground to be annoying
[08:53 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: I'll be quiet for now. MulThai... Remember what I said about search and landmarks. I do hope you work out inventory. (^_^)y
[08:54 PM] M C : i am on your side sideways....i dont know the other dude
[08:54 PM] M C : you seem helpful to me
[08:54 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: No no... No taking sides. (>_<)
[08:54 PM] Prokofy Neva: yes MulThai well, you have to read the back story and then you won't have that superficial impression
[08:54 PM] Prokofy Neva: but start by simply reading the profile
[08:54 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: This is personal drama... Nothing more. (^_^)
[08:54 PM] M C : i meant that i dont care what convos happen
[08:54 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Aha.. Good deal. =^-^=
[08:54 PM] Prokofy Neva: No, it's perfectly legitimate civic protest against somebody who is connivingly disruptive
[08:54 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Ali Tiraxibar (15m)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: with their little faux innocent =^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^= crap lol
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Disruptive... Heh. (=_=)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: what a shtick, anyone can see through it
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: look at the profile
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: Just listen for the bell and look for the little nakie one. I respond to "Immy". =^-^=
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: I like makeing smilies.. They're fun.. It's a bit of a reflex. (^_^)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: er, nakie one? huh?
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: XD
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: Currenttly a persocom programmed by matron Rune Ixchel. Any questions, complaints, or comments should be adressed to her. (^_^)y
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Though.. I'm in a dress today. (>_<)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: a naked child and a BDSM sub?
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: hello?
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Naw.. Not a child... Just a little lady. (^_^)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: that's um...not even appropriate for the Zindra continent?
[08:56 PM] Redux Densmith is Offline
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: or this: What little things crawl underground? Little creepy things, are what. Odd happenings occur when this thing comes above ground. (^_^)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: or this I'm just asking for too much attention from too few people.

I assume I'm unwanted by default.
[08:56 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Yeah.. That's my little avatar. (^_^)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: you just read it, and you can see what you are ealing with
[08:56 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Kaesa Whybrow (15m)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: *dealing with
[08:56 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: It's an old character. (^_^)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: sickness
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: and a cry for attention with wheedling manipulation
[08:56 PM] Marianne McCann is Online
[08:56 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Chobiimmy is the character I'm taking on now.. I like Chobits. (^_^)
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: so MulThai, if hanging out with "little ladies" who are BDSM children is your thing, well, um, ok I'll leave you to it
[08:57 PM] M C : bdsm?
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: sado masochism
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: the collar etc
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: she is the sub or slave or a domme
[08:57 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That's one someone popular facet of SL... People like to explore things. (^_^)
[08:57 PM] M C : ?????
[08:57 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: somewhat*
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: oh well you'll figture it out
[08:57 PM] Floor: Your home point is set to this land region or sim.
[08:57 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: (Owner: Unknown / b967ea90-4356-45eb-b867-842a4116584e) [Obj. Name: Floor]: Your home point is set to this land region or sim.
[08:57 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: (Owner: Jessica Ornitz)+ [Obj. Name: Floor]: Your home point is set to this land region or sim.
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: this is PG, I'm not required to explain
[08:58 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Don't worry about him. (^_^)
[08:58 PM] M C : okay?
[08:58 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: The fun part is... I'm gonna show up on a blog again. =^-^=
[08:58 PM] M C : great first appearance......
[08:58 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: No kidding. (=_=)
[08:58 PM] M C : what did you do?
[08:58 PM] M C : you must be popular
[08:59 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Mostly? I help and teach. (^_^

Who was disrupting who? I'll say no more. (^_^)y