Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Immy decides to hide all of her groups

November 24th, 2009

[QUOTE=Imnotgoing Sideways]Oh... And you're not paying attention. I hide all my groups now. =^-^=[/QUOTE]And if you would have agreed to do this in August instead of bitching about it all over the internet none of this would have occurred.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

NCI/WU kicked out of two Infohubs by landowner Prok

Prok states in his blog:

My ultimatum to NCI is in keeping with the lease terms that require that tenants be considerate to neighbours and not violate the TOS.

The Woodbury University group is filled with people who have repeatedly violated the TOS with prim littering, spamming, racism, obscenity, stalking, harassment, etc. Dozens of them actively doing this constantly, daily. If NCI has a member of its staff who also participates in this group, and not only passively but actively appearing during griefing raids and actively harassing from stalking and playing "under-the-radar" griefing games, then NCI can't be allowed to be a tenant.

I don't allow Woodbury or Emerald Users and Coders group members to rent from me as is known because *their officers repeatedly grief me*. This isn't some sort of "discrimination"; it's a normal policy not to tolerate griefing of me and my tenants, first and foremost.

NCI with the Imnotoing debacle is a magnet for griefing, not a helper of newbies and I see no reason why it has to be on my property.

Whatever Carl's reasoning on the notion of "NCI not giving in to ultimatums," the point is, a consumer boycott and a merchants' boycott of NCI is in order until it changes its policies, just like consumer boycotts of, oh, Wal-marts are done in RL.

NCI goes on my no-rent list; it comes off my recommendations lists for newbies. Only consumer action works in SL given there aren't courts and the ability to mount suits for protective orders or torts.


Friday, November 20, 2009

ULTIMATUM: Loose the greifer or loose the infonode

NCI rents land adjacent to the Ross Infohub from Prok. This has been a long standing relationship. BUT with Immy using her affiliation with NCI to continue to go to Ross and harass Prok - that arrangement is now in serious jeopardy. Here is Prok's open letter to NCI regarding their continued lease in Ross sim:

Dear Tateru,

I'm making this an open letter so that you'll be sure to see it and not say messages capped and so that it can be widely and openly discussed in and out of NCI.

I understand you have taken over the leadership of NCI, a once-respected organization which no longer has my respect.

Unless you immediate instruct your volunteer employee Imnotgoing Sideways to 1) leave the known and documented griefing group Woodbury University and sever all ties with it if he is to remain in NCI and 2) cease coming to the Ross infohub and surrounding areas, both of which are actions taken so as to grief and harass me and others and for no other reason, your rentals will be terminated and your prims returned.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Carl Metropolitan makes a statement about being run out of NCI - the Woodbury University griefers using NCI to recruit now and why he won't be going back.

Nov 16, 2009
"I just wanted to point out NCI isn't dead. I'm just not involved. I hope that NCI can continue to do what it does best--helping people. I've done everything I can to ensure a smooth transition (twice), and I've tried to refrain from public drama over the my departure from the organization.

NCI has gone through a lot of changes over the past three months--including changing Executive Directors twice and changing Finance Directors twice. The current Executive Director is Tateru Nino, who has come out of retirement to run the organization. NCI's reputation did take a hit when I was forced out, and I think Tateru will do a lot to rebuild that reputation. I have complete confidence in Tateru's commitment to NCI's mission, management skills, and knowledge of the organization. I've volunteered to do an independent audit of NCI's finances for Tateru later this month, but beyond that my involvement in NCI is limited to providing advice and answering questions.

The issue of infiltration by Woodbury (and related groups) is something the new management will have to address. This is a problem, and I do have direct knowledge that members of Woodbury are using NCI to recruit from. I am confident that ultimately something like my policy barring members of griefer and/or hate groups from being NCI Helpers or Officers will be implemented. I just hope it is implemented sooner than later, and before too much more damage is done.

I've had several people ask me why NCI did not ask me to come back when the interim Executive Director, Gramma Fiddlesticks, resigned after two months for health reasons. The answer is simple. If I were to come back, I'd immediately reimplement my "No Griefer/Hate Group Officers or Helpers" policy, and half the staff would resign again. I think everyone involved is aware of that.

Personally, I'm pretty busy with Caledon Oxbridge now. I think we have one of the two best Community Gateways in Second Life there. Over the past two months, I've updated all the orientation tutorial posters, built a sandbox and stocked it with nearly two dozen self-paced tutorials (with more to come), and organized a set of classes on Second Life basics that are starting this week. We have a first rate group of volunteer helpers, including Oxbridge Deans (Fogwoman Gray, Martini Discovolante, and Marion Questi) a group of excellent teachers (Balder Badger, Vanessa Hamer, Deyanira Yalin, ZenMondo Wormser, Zsophia Innovia, Anna Darwinian, Trinity Coulter, and LillieJay Mills), and the enthusiastic support of Desmond Shang and the Caledon Community. We have plans to add more classes over the next few months, as well as some events, topping out at about three classes/events per day (about 1/3rd the size of NCI), including classes scheduled at European-friendly times.

Finally on this issue of of Imnotgoing Sideways that you posted on: all I can say is I can no longer trust her. I know she lied to myself and Desmond in the run-up to my exit from NCI. I believe that she manipulated the situation to maximize her place at the center of the drama. My issues with her have little to do with her avatar (though I am uncomfortable with some of the images and comments I've seen), but boil down to my disappointment with what appears to me to be a fundamental lack of integrity."

Friday, November 13, 2009

And Then There Were None: Bailing from greifer run NCI

This passage from the NCI Blog. The lack of good management since Carl was forced out is taking it's toll on the Woodbury grifer run shambles of NCI.

Well here I am again, coffee in one hand and pop tart in the other trying to figure out how to type. I am just a bit worried as to how things are going in our great little group. With some of the talk that I hear on the info channel, the lack of people at the newbie get togethers and the continual change of command at the top. That worry my friends is the simple thought of:

“Then There Were None”

Before I get into anything, these are only my opinion’s.

As for the INFO channel,

Please let us keep it to INFO, we have a spam channel for when the conversation becomes more than that. There are those of us newbie’s, not so newbie’s, and maybe a few oldbie’s that listen in just to see if we can LEARN anything.

The continual change of command at the top,

Well there is not anything we can do about that, it just looks bad.

The lack of people at the newbie get together’s, (ie.) show and tell, blitz builds.

This may in fact be to the lack of NEWBIE’S seeing as how we are all aging and slowly becoming oldbie’s. Will this become the OCI instead of the NCI?

I know there is a limit on how many people can be in a group, so at what point do we give way for the NEW NEWBIE”S to have a place in our ranks?

Or does “Then There Was None” become a reality?

Take Care, have Fun, and Be Safe.

Jims Fire.

Unbelievable - Immy goes back for more Prok

So some months later here we are. This all started when Prok banned Immy from parcels around the Ross Infohub. Immy then set out on a campaign to get what he wanted. His trail of destruction is legendary. BUT now he goes right back to the parcels he is banned from - finds a spot or two he can enter - and then complains that Prok is bothering him! NCI owns parcels all over the grid - he can go 'help' elsewhere - but he has the uncontrollable need to crawl up prok's ass and then claim persecution.

Below is the chatlog Immy published in her blog concerning this matter. He actually thinks this supports his claim Prok is harassing him.

[08:38 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Prokofy Neva (17m)
[08:38 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Easy way to get for it... Use the search bar at the top of your inventory... Put in the word "(Worn)" with the parenthesis. (^_^)
[08:38 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That way, you'll locate any items you have on your avatar. (^_^)
[08:38 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Ah.. There goes the green shirt... that may have been the one you wanted. (^_^)
[08:39 PM] M C : hmmm
[08:39 PM] M C : soo uhhh....where u from?
[08:39 PM] M C : lol
[08:39 PM] M C : joking
[08:39 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Heh. (^_^)
[08:40 PM] M C : i cant find it
[08:40 PM] M C : the shirt to take it off
[08:40 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmm... I think it should have moved a copy from the Library to your main inventory. (O.o)
[08:40 PM] M C : the one you see right now?
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Yeah.. You're back in the gray shirt. (^_^)
[08:41 PM] M C : yeah
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Now.. Look into your "My Inventory >> Clothing" and see if you have a new shirt in there. (^_^)
[08:41 PM] M C : im trying to go shirtless for a second so i can put on a different one
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways eeps. (o.o)
[08:41 PM] M C : i have one extra shirt
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Okay.. Put that one on. (^_^)
[08:42 PM] M C : it doesnt shoe me
[08:42 PM] M C : show*
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmm... (=_=)
[08:42 PM] M C : it is under the grey one
[08:42 PM] Oh Snap! -- Picture Cork Board (Wall Edition) whispers: Board has been cleared and reset by owner request.
[08:42 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: (Owner: Prokofy Neva) [Obj. Name: Oh Snap! -- Picture Cork Board (Wall Edition)]: Board has been cleared and reset by owner request.
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Aha.. Okay. (^_^)
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: You should be able to right click it and select "wear". (^_^)
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Konnichiwa (^_^)
[08:43 PM] Desmond Shang is Online
[08:43 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Murmini Writer (19m)
[08:43 PM] M C : yeah
[08:43 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: After that, you should be able to right click the old shirt and select "Take Off". (^_^)
[08:43 PM] M C : i seen something happen but i cant find the other shirt to take off
[08:44 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: There is a search bar on the top of your inventory window... If you enter "(Worn" in there, it'll find the items you have on. (^_^)
[08:44 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: It acts like a filter. (^_^)
[08:44 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: The parenthesis is important, though. (^_^)
[08:44 PM] M C : yeah i just tried that and it only showsas one shirt on
[08:44 PM] M C : shows*
[08:45 PM] M C : i remove it and it still is on
[08:45 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Right.. That's the one you're wearing... Odds are, you haven't worn the other shirt yet. (^_^)
[08:45 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmmm. Lag? (O.o)
[08:45 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Maybe lag.... if you've done it already... Second Life™ can be wonky sometimes. (>_<)
[08:46 PM] M C : did you get my friend request?
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Adventures in Inventory... They sure didn't make it easy, did they? (T_T)
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmm.. I didn't... Odd... Lemmee. (^_^)
[08:47 PM] M C : no they didnt
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Did that get through? (^_^)
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Aha! Xd
[08:47 PM] M C : yeap
[08:47 PM] M C : so can i ask ur age?
[08:47 PM] M C : im 24
[08:48 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Yet another thing I don't tell. =^-^=
[08:48 PM] M C : thought so
[08:48 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: I'm silly that way. (^_^)
[08:48 PM] M C : thats respectable
[08:48 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Heh.. Probably. (^_^)
[08:48 PM] Prokofy Neva: Imnotgoing Sideways is playing a creepy child avatar. She's actually been banned from this entire area but it's not possible to ban from this public place so I'll just try an abuse report for the child get up with the BDSM collar.
[08:49 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Naw... This is my adult avatar. (^_^)
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: Likely the Lindens will say this is politically correct, but it's worth publicizing as ugly and annoying anyway.
[08:49 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Annjella Allen (15m)
[08:49 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Robot, actually. (^_^)
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: yeah, one would hate to see the child avatars she's got if she thinks this is her adult avatar
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: read her creepy profile, ugh
[08:49 PM] M C : you got banned?
[08:49 PM] Mercyblu Moorsider is Online
[08:49 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Naw... Never been banned. (^_^)
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: Banned from these surrounding parcels, yes BANNED because she disrupts events with a griefing group
[08:50 PM] Prokofy Neva: this is a known quantity that is always pretending to be what it is not
[08:50 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Well.. Yeah... I can't get into the mall parcels. (=_=)
[08:50 PM] Prokofy Neva: so you keep trying to publicize it, eventually she gets tripped up
[08:50 PM] M C : hostility?
[08:50 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: brinda Allen (15m)
[08:50 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That's the thing... I really don't do that stuff. But, no need arguing it here. (=_=)
[08:51 PM] M C : im lost anyway
[08:51 PM] brinda Allen: hi Prok
[08:51 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That's another facet of SL... Drama... People feed off of it in anonymous virtual envrironments. (=_=)
[08:52 PM] brinda Allen: No notes on the board
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: it's not about drama, it's about declaring creepy little ageplay kids as creepy and annoying and asking them to leave and go on their own considerable number of sims rather than deliberately coming here to harass and annoy
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: we all see what IMG is up to, it's an old story
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: pretend innocence, fly around in creepy child avatars, say "But the Lindens let me" blah blah blah, creep creepy stuff
[08:52 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: M Z (15m)
[08:52 PM] brinda Allen: ah...Ok i think ill go
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: well the Woodbury goons leave up annoying notices brinda so I take them doine, it's suppoesd to be open to the public not their personal playground to be annoying
[08:53 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: I'll be quiet for now. MulThai... Remember what I said about search and landmarks. I do hope you work out inventory. (^_^)y
[08:54 PM] M C : i am on your side sideways....i dont know the other dude
[08:54 PM] M C : you seem helpful to me
[08:54 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: No no... No taking sides. (>_<)
[08:54 PM] Prokofy Neva: yes MulThai well, you have to read the back story and then you won't have that superficial impression
[08:54 PM] Prokofy Neva: but start by simply reading the profile
[08:54 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: This is personal drama... Nothing more. (^_^)
[08:54 PM] M C : i meant that i dont care what convos happen
[08:54 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Aha.. Good deal. =^-^=
[08:54 PM] Prokofy Neva: No, it's perfectly legitimate civic protest against somebody who is connivingly disruptive
[08:54 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Ali Tiraxibar (15m)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: with their little faux innocent =^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^= crap lol
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Disruptive... Heh. (=_=)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: what a shtick, anyone can see through it
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: look at the profile
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: Just listen for the bell and look for the little nakie one. I respond to "Immy". =^-^=
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: I like makeing smilies.. They're fun.. It's a bit of a reflex. (^_^)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: er, nakie one? huh?
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: XD
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: Currenttly a persocom programmed by matron Rune Ixchel. Any questions, complaints, or comments should be adressed to her. (^_^)y
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Though.. I'm in a dress today. (>_<)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: a naked child and a BDSM sub?
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: hello?
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Naw.. Not a child... Just a little lady. (^_^)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: that's um...not even appropriate for the Zindra continent?
[08:56 PM] Redux Densmith is Offline
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: or this: What little things crawl underground? Little creepy things, are what. Odd happenings occur when this thing comes above ground. (^_^)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: or this I'm just asking for too much attention from too few people.

I assume I'm unwanted by default.
[08:56 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Yeah.. That's my little avatar. (^_^)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: you just read it, and you can see what you are ealing with
[08:56 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Kaesa Whybrow (15m)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: *dealing with
[08:56 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: It's an old character. (^_^)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: sickness
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: and a cry for attention with wheedling manipulation
[08:56 PM] Marianne McCann is Online
[08:56 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Chobiimmy is the character I'm taking on now.. I like Chobits. (^_^)
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: so MulThai, if hanging out with "little ladies" who are BDSM children is your thing, well, um, ok I'll leave you to it
[08:57 PM] M C : bdsm?
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: sado masochism
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: the collar etc
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: she is the sub or slave or a domme
[08:57 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That's one someone popular facet of SL... People like to explore things. (^_^)
[08:57 PM] M C : ?????
[08:57 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: somewhat*
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: oh well you'll figture it out
[08:57 PM] Floor: Your home point is set to this land region or sim.
[08:57 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: (Owner: Unknown / b967ea90-4356-45eb-b867-842a4116584e) [Obj. Name: Floor]: Your home point is set to this land region or sim.
[08:57 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: (Owner: Jessica Ornitz)+ [Obj. Name: Floor]: Your home point is set to this land region or sim.
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: this is PG, I'm not required to explain
[08:58 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Don't worry about him. (^_^)
[08:58 PM] M C : okay?
[08:58 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: The fun part is... I'm gonna show up on a blog again. =^-^=
[08:58 PM] M C : great first appearance......
[08:58 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: No kidding. (=_=)
[08:58 PM] M C : what did you do?
[08:58 PM] M C : you must be popular
[08:59 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Mostly? I help and teach. (^_^

Who was disrupting who? I'll say no more. (^_^)y

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Below is a copy of the original griefer policy Carl Metropolitan put in place on August 27th, 2009. Immy had published in SL Forums, SLU Forums and her blog her dislike of this policy a week prior to this official document being released. Immy also had meetings with NCI staff to refute the policy before it became official (see her statements below. Purposely undermining the Exec Director of NCI.

Once this was released, Immy and several NCI Officers resigned to cripple NCI until Carl's rule was thrown out. Once the rule was overturned - they all came back.

This allowed Immy to stay a member of a confirmed griefer group and keep her position of power within NCI.

NCI Policy: Griefer Groups & NCI Officers

Effective Tuesday September 1st 2009, no one may hold a position of responsibility at NCI (Land Officer, Helper, Board Member, Manager) while being a member of a hate group or a griefer group. Anyone who is a member of any such group needs to leave that group or leave NCI. If someone holding a position of responsibility at NCI joins such a group, when that affiliation is discovered by NCI management, they will be given a warning and asked to leave either that group or NCI. If they choose to stay in the griefer or hate group, they will be removed from their position of responsibility at NCI.

For the purposes of this policy, the following groups are considered to be hate and/or griefer groups:

Woodbury University (and associated groups)
Patriotic Nigras (and associated groups)

Additional groups may be added to this list when appropriate. Groups may be removed from this list when there is clear and compelling evidence that the group has stopped encouraging or tolerating hate and griefing activities.

Evidence for affiliation with a griefer or hate group shall consist of one or more of the following: 1) the presence of such a group in the Groups list of a person's Profile window, 2) public admission of membership in such a group, or 3) public and well-documented participation in griefing or hate activities alongside members of such groups. The Evidence section of this policy shall not be applied retroactively events or actions prior to 09-01-2009.


Now for some explanation:

For the past two weeks I've been more stressed about this than anything I've dealt with in the four years I've been running NCI. People on the BoD have very different beliefs about what should be done (if anything). I understand and sympathize with both sides of this issue. As I told Gramma last night, there is no good solution. The policy I am implementing is a bad solution. It's just what I believe to be the best bad solution.

I had been leaning towards the "ignore it and hope it will go away" solution. To be brutally honest, that usually works. However, over the past few days several things have occurred to push me to this decision.

First, I've learned that the Lindens who run the Community Gateway program are very strict on the issue of griefer groups. The appearance of tacit support by NCI for such groups could endanger Caledon Oxbridge. And since NCI Caledon is seen as an extension of Caledon Oxbridge, a policy of "Griefer group members okay on this side of this line, but not okay on the other side of this line" would likely (and reasonably) be seen as disingenuous equivocation.

Secondly, I've read the comments on Prokofy Neva's recent blog entries on the subject of Woodbury and other griefer groups. Over the last two days, multiple commenters associated with Woodbury have suggested he commit suicide. I'm sorry; I'm not going to tolerate that kind of evil shit anywhere near NCI. I don't care what anyone thinks of Prokofy, that's just beyond the pale.

Three, I've been amazingly stressed and depressed in RL and SL. I've been tearing myself up (among other things) by avoiding making a difficult decision. Avoiding doing what I knew was right, but would piss off people I cared for and respected. That's a bad reason not to do something. And it is a failure of leadership on my part. If I can't make the tough decisions, what does NCI need me for?

I know the policy above is going to upset some people. It goes against the well-considered advice of some of NCI's most active and vital officers. If you strongly disagree, I ask that you please give me the benefit of the doubt and accept this new policy. If you find you can not in good conscience do so, I will understand. This is a contentious issue that people of good will can disagree on.

However, this is a final decision. I'm acting in Executive Director mode. This is not an opening position for debate.

I'm sorry. I wish I had something better.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Written by Quite Oh
As of September 21st, 2009, New Citizens Inc will conclude our collaboration with Caldeon Oxbridge. The transition is a practical and amicable one. The decision is based on finances and on each party's desires to refocus on their own priorities. On a practical level, little impact should be noticed for members of either group. Our courses and events will continue as scheduled, and all services offered will continue uninterupted.

I had hoped Quiet would lean more closer to the truth and reality - at least acknowledge that any of the last two week's going-ons had anything to do with this.
At least acknowledge that the New NCI policy on allowing people who are members of a greifer groups to hold positions of power in NCI is the complete opposite of the policy that Caledron Oxford has adopted. THAT is the real reason for the split.

Quiet has definitely earned the title of NCI Propaganda Czar.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Caledron Oxford dissociates from the new NCI

Desmond Shang just announced in the SLU forums the following:
I didn't realise that NCI was going to announce anything on their website at all ~ I had *thought* we were going to just let the world notice (or more likely: not notice) on its own; that was my plan anyway.

But if there is going to be any announcement *at all*, it seems very clear to me that 'building up the mystery' waiting for 'the big decision' on another forums is absolutely certain to create more, and longer lasting drama.

*None* of us need that, and I'm going to write this off as enthusiasm over a new forums, rather than an attempt to drag this out further. But since it got brought up, the 'mystery' ends now. After some discussion between all parties that I would characterise as peaceful and pragmatic, NCI and Caledon are going to amicably disassociate in the near future, by mutual agreement.

NCI looses just a bit more of its credibility every day that Woodbury University members remain officers in its ranks. Cause and effect.

My introduction to Imnotgoing Sideways - June 5, 2009

My introduction to Imnotgoing Sideways
This is in response to Immy's blog where she elects me as her stalker. The fact remains that Immy responded to my SL Forum post on June 5th of this year - and I had not heard of her before. In that response she called me a liar and made a statement (that was later found out to be false) to discredit another poster.

Post # 242/Page 17
(Note that Immy chased me all the way up to post #737 in this thread)

I saw this fun thread about ‘What is Broadly Offensive to you’ and it had many replies – but I had not participated. Then that morning I saw a thread about child avatars and a nude beach. This was ‘jaw-dropping’ to me so I posted about it in the ‘Broadly Offensive’ thread.

Originally Posted by Lias Leandros
There was a thread in the Xstreet forums about a Mentor who runs a nude beach for child avatars (the thread was deleted this morning). The owner of the nude child beach actually responded to the thread saying there was nothing wrong with it (even after several forumites went over there and witnessed child avatars dancing nude with adult male avatars).
I find this child nude beach broadly offensive. The fact that it is run by a Linden Approved Mentor compounds the issue.

Now I thought that this would just be viewed and folks would continue posting their ideas of what was broadly offensive. I had not read the 15 pages before my post and had not seen Immy’s other postings about child avatars and sex.

Ageplay is not intrinsically sexual. It's merely depicting yourself with an appearance and behaviour inconsistent with your real age. (^_^)

Sexual Ageplay is not intrinsically rape. Rape roleplay is. Am I the ~ONLY~ one here who played "doctor" as a kid? (O.o)

Now if I had taken the time to read the 16 pages before what I posted, I probably would not have chosen to participate. Upon looking at Immy’s post and the others – the entire thing was fubar by then and I was not in the practice of involving myself in folk’s sex stuff.

But when Immy replied to my thread and called me a Liar – I was definitely baited into squabbling with her. I still do not know why this person decided to call me a liar when I did not post any attacks on anyone or make any claims about seeing anything.

I believe if Immy had chosen her words better – our interaction would have ended there.

Immy stated:
Sorry... That's false information. I know the beach you're referring to and the people defaming the beach were ejected from the group and banned from the sim because THEY wanted to turn the place into their own little sex haven. Now they're out for revenge because their favorite form of CS violation was taken from them once again. (=_=)

Truth be told, the beach has STRICT rules against sex and intimate interaction between ALL avatars. (=_=)

I never mentioned anything about sex with child avatars, nor did I post any quotes from the original posters of this information from Xstreet Forums. Immy just responded by throwing around wild, unsubstantiated accusations and calling me a liar.

And I thought that her attack on me (calling me a liar) and the people that posted the information about the beach (the people defaming the beach were ejected from the group and banned from the sim because THEY wanted to turn the place into their own little sex haven.)
Was a desperate attempt to discredit anyone that opposed her views so any other opposing view would not be taken seriously (sound familiar?)

It is not that I do not like Immy. As I said I did not even know he existed before he called me a liar on June 5th of this year.

Immy never presented any evidence that those people were ejected for that. And the owner of the beach told me that the person that posted about the beach wanted to get paid for her work and he refused – so she retaliated by posting.
This is when I realized Immy was lying and defaming people just to win an argument. And over the months this has been her standard operational procedure.

In her newest blog posting - she is calling me her stalker. And she referred to another post in that same thread mentioned above to prove her point. But, of course, she did not quote it or post a link to it. That would be exposing the facts. So here they are:

Immy from her blog today:
Using the most pretzel logic possible, she tried to "expose" me for being some sort of horrible person.

My story, based on fact:
I go to my favorite book store to buy books.
Kids are in the way because they're loitering.
One mother accuses me of looking at the kids and requests security remove me.
Mall security and store staff recognize me as a regular, know I'm just there for the books, in turn they remove the mother and her loitering kids.
The LiasBlue version:
I go to the mall to expose kids to hentai porn.
Mothers rally against me to protect their kids.
This is pretty persistent and becomes pages and pages of me saying she's twisted the details into some accusatory functional turn of phrase. I know I'm probably an idiot to respond to her. But, I simply can't stand to be lied about.

Page # 21/ Post # 312
I read Manga... Lots and lots of Manga. And I have a favorite book store. I used to be able to get outta work before school's out and get my books in peace. Usually once a week, 3 to 8 books, working from a list of series that I'm reading. (^_^)

I had one day of drama. I got out of work late and the mall was packed. When I got to the Manga rack, the place was swimming with kids who's parents decided that the bookstore makes a great babysitter. (>_<)

I'm look'n for my books, going down the list, probably had 3 by then when mall cops show up with a red-faced angry mother saying that I been eyeballing the kids in the store the whole time. (>_<)

I have selective mutism... From the abruptness of the accusation, my frustration over having to find ways to "excuse" myself to get the books behind the kids, and whatever... I don't think I was able to respond with much more than crying a little. (>_<)

Gladly, the people who work at the store know me well, came over and explained that I'm a regular and spend up to $60 a week off that rack. The mother and her kids were removed from the mall and the other kids were chased out as they weren't really there to buy anything. (=_=)

Of course, now, after that event I stopped going to the store and buy my Manga on Amazon.

There was no 'page after page' of me going after her for this.
Immy came back at me again on post #335/ Page #23.
And then Immy gets more aggressive on page #36 /Post #535 (still I have not responded to her Mall Mantra reading).
And if anyone wished to wade through the remaining pages of that thread and find what Immy refers to as an attack on her your more than welcome to search it out

Immy initiated our contact. Her choice. Also her choice to post RL information in a forum. But what she posted in her blog about being attacked by me in a thread that was not even about her at all - is more of her twisted half truths to make her look like the victim.

Immy could be right and I could be wrong. It is Immy’s tactics that are dishonest and that is my Issue with Immy and how she uses the public to bring down opposing viewpoints by posting lies and half-truths about anyone that opposes her.

I truly believe Carl Metropolitan did not deserve what Immy wrote about him or what she helped happen to his organization.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

August 2009: Carl's Resignation - The Time Capsule

Below is a full analysis of the resignation of Carl Metropolitan as the Executive Director of NCI. Carl is the founder of NCI and developed it to it's status from 2005 to 2009. He was forced out of power by the Woodbury University Group members that had infiltrated his organization and had become officers of NCI. The entire scheme was orchestrated by an unlikely character - Imnotgoing Sideways (Immy).
Carl's Resignation:
Carl Metropolitan: "I'm resigning as Executive Director of NCI. My policy against greifer groups has resulted in the loss of the confidence of a supermajority of the NCI Board of Directors. If I were to continue running NCI, I would have to replace the Education [Afon Shepherd], Events [Gramma Fiddlesticks], and Freebie Directors [Blu Laszlo] plus the Deputy Director [Tateru Nino]. I would also have to replace a number of other vital senior officers. It would be an exercise in pure ego to stay on. I can't pretend I'm more important to NCI than all of those other people. I wish everyone at NCI the best, and I will help out as much as needed in the transition process. I will be leaving the NCI groups as I feel it is important for NCI to have one leader (which will clearly not be me). I really can not express how much I have gained from NCI and how much I appreciate all the help and effort so many people have put into it. I'm really only a small part--and that is how it should be. Thank you. Everyone."


1- Immy went to Ross Infohub with the group Woodbury University visible in her profile.
2- Woodbury University griefers came on several occasions and griefed Prok's property.
3- Prok began banning anyone with a Woodbury University Group in their profile.
4 -Prok banned Immy because she had the WU group in her profile and she was coming on to Prok's land.
5 -Immy complained to NCI officials. Immy was told that if she dropped the WU group she could re-gain access to Ross Infohub. Immy refused.
6 -Immy and her publicist decide to discredit Prok and clear Immy's name by mass posting about the issue - Fail.
7 -NCI Exec. Director makes a no greifers allowed rule for NCI Officers because of all of the metaverse chatter (started by Immy and her publicist) regarding the issue.
8 -Immy does not like the rule and publicly complains about it and makes a public exit from NCI.
9 - NCI mob sides with Immy. Carl resigns.
10 - Immy goes back to NCI and keeps her WU membership.

Here is a quick 'cliff notes' version of what happened:

Imnotgoing Sideways (Immy)
started threads in two forums and her blog because she said she wanted opinions abut what actions to take when Prok blogged about her Woodbury University Griefer Group membership and her NCI Helper Group affiliation.

Several hundred posts later Immy's friend admitted that Immy had actually posted all over the place to discredit Prok.

QUOTE=Rinoa I didnt devise any plan. Yes I told her she should discredit prok on the claims he made against her.. Immy's credibility was falling apart on shear speculation at the time.

Immy then used the forums to discredit Carl (Founder of NCI Helper group) so she could undermine Carl's authority and overturn his upcoming 'no griefer groups allowed in profiles if your an officer of NCI' policy.
QUOTE=Imnotgoing Sideways I asked a question in a small meeting last night. “Who is the most important person to NCI?”

I was frankly quite shocked at the responses I got. The names given in reply were not all that surprising. But, in my point of view, that question is NOT supposed to be answered with any one person's name.

My answer to the question is in the name of the group itself: The New Citizen.

Do new citizens, residents, users, players (use any name you like) know anything about me? Do they know the groups I'm in? Should it matter at all?

The most important part of the New User Experience is the new user. NCI is genuinely part of the NUE and I believe it to be a disservice to hold the group and anyone within the group (including myself) responsible for anything in regards to grid oldbie politics at large.

I want to see NCI and organizations like NCI succeed in helping the new resident. And, I do not want to see oldbie politics be the cause of any group's downfall.

Immy. (^_^)y

QUOTE=Imnotgoing Sideways I can't say I support Carl's decision because he is simply wrong. I strongly believe that Carl has made a horrible and selfish decision.

I joined NCI because the community there helped me, befriended me, welcomed me, supported me, and gave me the opportunity to give in return. Now, the leadership of this community has turned on me, documented my unwelcome, and simply ostracized me for an affiliation with a group that a few people have personal problems with.

If someone fails to understand WU, I will not allow that to become my problem.

I still love and embrace the helper and volunteer community. I wish for the NCI community the best of success. But, I see that such a thing can't exist as long as there is this hierarchy of 'directors' and 'executives' who have their own personal vendettas to teeter with at the expense of the group.
Immy's campaign successfully turned Carl's officers against him and he resigned. Immy returned to NCI and Carl's no griefer rule was thrown out. Hostile takeover complete.

But then it is revealed that the no greifer rule had already been imposed upon Immy by Desmond Shang and she complied without protest. I assume she realized there was no way she could de-throne Desmond.

QUOTE=Imnotgoing Sideways My decision to hide all groups was actually quite compliant to Desmond's request in regards to Caledon volunteers. He was quite clear about this in meetings and Emails. It was the display of the group affiliation that he didn't want. He openly stated a number of times that he didn't start a witch hunt.

I simply saw that his decisions didn't affect me, given the solution provided, and that I don't visit Caledon land enough at any capacity for there to be a problem.

So she hid groups for Desmond but refused to do so for Carl.
Also posts after posts from Immy claiming Woodbury University was not a griefer group and then this finally where Immy admits she knows the people that grifed Prok were Woodbury University Members.
QUOTE=Imnotgoing Sideways Considering; the chicken killers are not only ejected from the group, but, they're also on the sandbox banlist. One would say, they wore out their welcome by pulling a stupid stunt against Prok. (=_=)

So what was thinly disguised as Immy's public pity party was actually an attempt to discredit Prok, remove the new NCI rule and whitewash Woodbury Univeristy.

Most people do not give Prok any credit so you cannot discredit her and Immy admitted Woodbury griefed Prok last week.

But Immy did manage to remove the no griefer rule NCI put in place.


And Prok's truth
QUOTE=Prokofy Neva Oh, I see we've established here that Imnotgoing Sideways *deliberately* set up Carl and *deliberately* forced the issue here twice -- that lets me know that this may well be all part of a plan, and it's a plan of Woodbury as a conspiracy to harass and bully good groups and tear them down and take them over, Boslhevik displacement tactics at work. And even if it does not in fact turn out to be such an elaborate criminal conspiracy, it's about one petulant and stubborn "little girl" (ageplaying man) whining and throwing drama tantrums to whore for attention.

Just look at Img's profile inworld. It's totally disgusting ageplay edgecasing, trying to ride below the radar with blatant suggestiveness that is merely pushing the edge out further on the whole ageplay issue to undermine principles of morality and the Linden TOS.

Someone put it well on my blog: Img was whitewashing not only himself and his ageplaying but trying to whitewash Woodbury -- to which he clung with strangely fierce tribal tenacity, given that supposedly NCI was more important and helping newbs was more important than riding shotgun on griefing raids which is what he was doing.

Remember the steps on this process -- I banned Img from several places because *he came along after, or with, people griefing events deliberately, who were repeat offenders* -- not once, not twice, but a number of times. Then yet another time right before an event, I caught him *again* at the NCI Node in Ross goofing around with a bunch of people who were making those kind of below-the-radar hazing comments to newbies that are just mean.

I told Carl I was banning Img from Ross, and Img could find some other place to practice his, um, newbie helping. Carl simply respected my decision but said he wouldnt' remove her from the group at first because he personally had no reason to do so, but only knew that of course Woodbury was a griefing group.

Img himself then escalated it, flouncing around, whining about justice on her blog waaahahahah blah blah, claiming first that she came alone to the meetings -- remaining utterly silent about the time she came most emphatically with a group with Intlibber, Tizzy, and Cam Mitchell who deliberately put out textures and prims to replicate and grief the event there I had on Iran -- quite deliberately, an not as "participants in the discussion," let's get real here. Img is curiously silent on *that* one because he's fucking little pathological liar.

He then whined that he would hide his groups -- like...that makes a diffrence? Why the fuck couldn't he LEAVE Woodbury that was well documented as griefing? He couldn't, because it was a) either a stealth operation to infiltrate a good group and take it over and sanitize the discredited Woodbury or b) a whiney belligerent operation to just do what the fuck he felt like doing regardless of what happened to a good group.

Carl and Desmond Shang then acquired additional reasons not to wish to countenance Woodbury. I myself was surprised at Carl's decision to issue a statement saying that no one could remain in NCI who was in a hate group, and he listed the Woodbury groups. He cited the way they were behaving on my blog -- and that's good enough reason for normal civilized people to cut the cord with their addlebrained liberalism and stubborn extreme technocommunist morality (Tateru Nino on that one). Tateru clearly took a hyper PC approach to this pretending that there was all innocence and no guilt by association and no need to disassociate with the guilty. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Half the board resigned, and Carl felt that without a vote of confidence he should resign, too. The digusting little dysfunctional IMG then comes running back to "help newbies" again -- read "fan my ego and gloat over having destroyed good people".

Really evil shit.

As for these fucking chicken killers here, they continue to lie and distract and agitate falsely about the actual nature of this product and their actions.

No, it is not the intention of the creator to have them die by being deliberately pushed off world or shot. That is not in the cards. He has them die by different means but certainly that is not in his menu. He doesn't even write about such a turn of events in his voluminous EULAs and notecards because there isn't any way for the creatures to walk off world because you *home* them near their food bowls/cages etc you first put them out, and he gives instructions on them. I've tested them for days -- they do not wander off world unless physically pushed or orbited with a gun.

So Phausk deliberately coming and doing that is a grade-A asshole, and has no right to destroy property. Saying the creator intended it to be so would be like saying the Creator of people intended them to die by His script, and therefore it's ok to shoot them to death. Nihilist claptrap and a reason why people like this need to be banned, warned and removed from Second Life if they continue this activity because they are decivilizers.

It is not AT ALL true that only "a few people" have problems with Woodbury. Multiple people do -- it's just they don't speak up. Woodbury and their related PN and W-hat goons constantly fly around harassing all the usual targets of the 4chan mania -- furries, Christians, people they think are taking SL or themselves too seriously. They are profoundly reactionary conservatives with a deeply Puritanical notion of how the Internet should be used and they will stop at nothing to prevent others from using it freely for their freely chosen free purposes.

So I wish more peoploe would understand THIS. Little fucked-up nonentities like this 21-year-old Canadian chicken killer Phausk do not get to decide what is valuable and what is not valuable regarding people's possessions and their private property.

The idiotic Randian ravings of Intlibber about how everyone should have their sims locked down like the GULAG or they themselves are guilty of any griefing also have to be disregarded. The Internet is not going to be turned into a giant kolkhoz, because the grownups will not pay for it.

Destroying other people's property and evading bans and continuing to harass them *is* a TOS violation for sure, on several grounds; the idea that because chickens *can* be pushed off world and die that therefore "it's ok" belongs to that same communist opera as "I can copy it so it's ok to steal it".

Phausk and a long list of other people in Woodbury and related groups have repeatdly harassed me and they will continue to be reported. What a little police informing stool pidgeon type that Phausk, a hateful little fucktard, would report *me* for asking normal questions of Rodney Linden. I put up a vote proposal in his group and asked: did Rodney Linden chalk BAN PROK?

Later, I got it on good authority that he did not, but that it was more likely Plastic Duck and Meif Ling -- but Loki Clifton keeps giggling that Lindens did it. We may not find out, but Lindens were said to be present.

Tizzers and Intlibber both lied that Philip gave them permissions to come chalk up the building; they made it sound like he encouraged them to park the party bus there as well. But he gave me a statement that is printed on my blog that puts it quite differently; the street is a public street and he didn't say no to them parking there, and in fact added that they could not get a tour because it would be a Saturday. He knew nothing and said nothing about chalking. Other Lindens on the premises apparently indulged their friends in Woodbury in the chalking. Yet another "turnout Woodbury" tells the story that the chalking was only supposed to be on the sidewalk.

What does it matter? It doesn't. It's only chalk. If a drink-waving Robert Bloomfield wants to victory-dance and pose in front of BAN PROK! in a Second Life experience because real-life never gave him any achievements, evidently, it's pathetic, not something to be "angry" about. The entire thing is about losers being indulged by other losers.

My only concern is that when the Lindens let some of their staff go feral on some of the customers just to narf-narf with other little FIC pals, they create a climate of impunity that means I am griefed more -- and ultimately, the publicity around their indulgence of this nonsense is a bad thing.

Rodney Linden behaved insolently and nastily when he was TP'd into Ross, which I maintain, and when I asked him if he helped griefers, he started shoving a bear on me.

Some Lindens indeed are going feral -- out of sense of impunity. There is evidence of this on a number of fronts. The question is: why? Too big? Too poorly trained? Bad choices of sourcing for hires that have to do with friendship networks of big bosses and not scrutiny of actual qualifications and background?

And...why do we care what the character is of employees of a software company? Because they claim their mission is to "connect us all to...a better world". It's not just some company; it has greater aspirations, and even if it is taken over by something bigger or evolves into something else, it matters what kind of ethics DNA is present now.


Links to the sources of this data - for those that would like to wade through it all to reach their own conclusions.

Prok blogs about Woodbury University Group members harassing her and includes Immy's name in it.
1. August 19th: http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2009/08/ban-woodbury.html

Immy starts her campaign to discredit Prok. Immy makes sure to post where Prok could not respond (Prok cannot post in SLU or SL forums or Immy's Blog. Immy made sure she did not post these accusations in Second Citizen - where Prok can post.
2. August 20th: http://imnotgoingsideways.blogspot.com/2009/08/my-3-bans.html
3. August 22nd: http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=336018
4. August 22nd: http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/general-sl-discussion/33422-we-human-we-griefer.html

Prok follows up with this blog post
5. August 22nd: http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2009/08/the-woodbury-conspiracy.html

I am adding some discussion with Rinoa - a Immy supporter. She argues with no ground to stand on.

I just need to shush this constant "you dont go on to a parcel you know your not welcome on" or "you dont get banned for not griefing 3 times"...

In Immy's blog Bri states Immy told her she was going to get banned for coming onto Prok's land with a Woodbury University group affiliation visible in her profile. This was in July - why go back in August after you are banned twice for the same thing from the same person?

This is pretty much self admitance that she was banned for her group and ONLY her group.

Rinoa, that is OK, also. Prok posted chat logs where she told Beverly that all Immy had to do was to drop the Woodbury University group and she could have the ban lifted. Immy refused and decided to follow the advice of her Propaganda Czar and start the public campaign that caused Carl's resignation.

and Prok's own words kills that one since she has a different accusation for this location to which Immy truely has flatly denied.

Immy said she posted the OP to get advice and you said she posted it on your advice to discredit Prok. So Immy has re-invented the truth before to make herself look innocent.

We already practically got admitance from Prok that Immy didnt actually do any griefings other than turn up... which isnt a griefing. Immy didnt drop any replicating cubes, or partical spammers, she's accused of being with a group who did all these things... and the above quote is convincing enough that this is how she was associated with those specific people.

Agreed. People who are Woodbury University grifers greifed Prok and Immy was there (and also has a Woodbury University group displayed in her profile). So Prok banned all Woodbury University members present.

Is this really any reason for you and Immy to start your campaign against Prok? I have to say it is not.

in regards to knowing about being banned, the first and last are self explainitory, 1st ban location was an NCI Info node, we get LMs to these in group notices, how would you know it's prok's land, you expect it to be part of NCI landholdings

Hey, that's OK. Once Prok explained it to Beverly then you knew. So why go on any further with it?

3rd she was teleported in by friends... to a fricken Info Hub... to an NCI Freebie wall in an info hub, and doing so as an NCI official.
I didnt even know it was prok's till now... and Immy has already flatly stated she thought it was on NCI land at least once and you accepted that.

What part of no Woodbury University members allowed on land Prok has control over is unclear to you? Again, once Immy knew (august 11th), she should have dropped the WU group or not gone to that infonode anymore. Not start a public war.

Immy probably got all depressed about the NCI node ban in May, she's prone to that... she'll blaim herself, heck she even did so on that third ban

She should blame herself. It was her fault.

as for the second ban I'll question Immy myself in regards to knowing prok would ban her. However it's still not griefing to turn up to an openly advertised discussion. there's nothing wrong with taking the risk in turning up with full intention to take part, I mean you never know she may... just by chance, be allowed to take part.

Rinoa, why do you people feel you have the right to enter a parcel that you do not pay for and is not in your name? This sense of entitlement is what twisted you both into thinking up this hair-brain scheme.

Originally Posted by Briana(from Immy's 3ban blog comments
After a min or so she indicated that while the proposed discussion interested her...she mite well be banned on sight. When I asked why, she said it mite be cause of her group listing.

NOW as for some discussion "in Iran" (as prok put it... confused me for quite a while that, I couldnt find a sim called iran ^ ^), well he clearly stated THREE bans... and there are only THREE documented bans. None of which took place "in" or "about" Iran.

Your dizzy. It was a political discussion about the actual Iran. Prok holds chats about socio-political issues on her land.

sorry but I really felt the need to stick up for my friend there... I've had that quote for days U.U

You go right ahead, Propaganda Czar. Don't worry about people that Immy's nonsense effected - just keep the spin spinning.

And once Immy realized the land was prok's - She should have dropped the issue or drop the griefer group. Immy did not present the entire truth when she posted this all over the place.

Instead Immy posted what a great person she was, what a monster Prok was and how wrong and selfish Carl is.

i'm NOT critisizing how prok manages his events, if he feels the need to ban individuals for any reason, so be it...

You should have explained that to Immy in a way that she could have understood it as opposed to telling her to discredit Prok publicly. You convinced her to do as Desmond wanted and hide the Woodbury University group in her profile when she was at Caledron Oxford.

The reason she went to Sutherland Dam was innocent, she clearly wasnt with anyone who was griefing

When your banned twice from someone's land because you are a member of a group that has grief builds adjacent to that land and who's members are constantly harassing and griefing there - and go back AGAIN - your asking for another ban and your being intentionally annoying.

so does appearing at an open public event with "SL Mentor" above her name, spite having woodbury university in her profile groups, count as griefing worthy of public ridecule?

And this is why Carl made the rule 'no griefer group members can be officers in NCI". Because people like Immy like to hide behind the good reputation of groups like NCI and SL Mentor and continue their association with groups that harm people. make tier payers loose money and throw racists titles all over the place.