Monday, September 7, 2009

Caledron Oxford dissociates from the new NCI

Desmond Shang just announced in the SLU forums the following:
I didn't realise that NCI was going to announce anything on their website at all ~ I had *thought* we were going to just let the world notice (or more likely: not notice) on its own; that was my plan anyway.

But if there is going to be any announcement *at all*, it seems very clear to me that 'building up the mystery' waiting for 'the big decision' on another forums is absolutely certain to create more, and longer lasting drama.

*None* of us need that, and I'm going to write this off as enthusiasm over a new forums, rather than an attempt to drag this out further. But since it got brought up, the 'mystery' ends now. After some discussion between all parties that I would characterise as peaceful and pragmatic, NCI and Caledon are going to amicably disassociate in the near future, by mutual agreement.

NCI looses just a bit more of its credibility every day that Woodbury University members remain officers in its ranks. Cause and effect.